Trowel and Error - How to Set Tile the Right Way

Choosing the right trowel for your tile installation matters. It's important to select a trowel with the appropriate size and shape notch for your tiles and adhesive to achieve a durable result while minimizing potential issues. Here are several reasons why.

Proper Adhesive Coverage:

The size and shape of the trowel notches determine the amount of adhesive applied to the surface. Using the correct trowel ensures adequate coverage, which is essential for strong adhesion and preventing tiles from becoming loose over time.

Preventing Tile Slippage:

The grooves created by the trowel help to "key in" the tiles, providing a better grip and preventing them from sliding out of place during installation.

Avoiding Air Pockets:

The trowel's grooves also help to eliminate air pockets between the tile and the substrate. Always have the trowel running in one direction. This promotes a solid bond and prevents potential cracking or lifting of tiles.

Ensuring Proper Tile Alignment:

Trowels with correctly sized notches help to ensure consistent tile alignment and spacing, resulting in a professional-looking finished installation.

Minimizing Waste:

Using the right trowel helps to minimize excess adhesive, reducing waste and ensuring efficient use of materials.